Rajive Das MD
Rajive Das MD

1071 Port Malabar Rd. Suite 111
Palm Bay,FL 32935
Office: (321) 725-9800 - Appointments
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Doctor Das specializes in laser treatment. Laser treatment can effectivly remove skin blemishes casued from scars, aging or acne, sun amage. All laser treatment is performed in our Palm Bay office.

Hospital clean examination rooms, All of our examination rooms are kept clean and have the latest medical equipment.

All of our equipment in house.

We own all of our machines.

We know our machines well.

Laser blemish and age line treatment, Dr. Das performs all laser procedures himself. He has used laser since 2002.

Laser hair removal.

Skin treatment for blemishes and age marks.

Treatment for psoriasis, warts and skin cancer.

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